Serious Questions: Client Edition

by Serious Studio

Hello! Welcome to our FAQs page, where we answer your burning questions. 

If you can’t find your question below, don’t worry! Feel free to message us directly at [email protected] We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How We Work

We use design to solve problems creatively.  We usually don’t limit ourselves to what the power of design can fix, but we’ve learned that we’re quite effective with the following:


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Campaigns & Content
  • Environment Design
  • Editorial Design 


We’ve also learned that in our limited time as human beings we do not want to waste our time doing the following:


  • 😴 Boring Work (there is enough of it)
  • 💀 Soulless Work (there is too much of it)
  • 🦙 White-labelled work (nope)
  • ⚾️ Pitches (see below)
  • 🪦 Unimaginative work (why’d you hire us in the first place)
  • 🤸 Gymnastics

Our approach to brand clarity is centered around systems. This allows us to build brands that are modular, future resilient, and ready to scale. Our signature creative process is progressive, collective, and holistic. 

We divide our process into 3 phases:


  • Phase 1: Strategy — developing what your brand stands for
  • Phase 2: Design — designing the system your brand will grow in
  • Phase 3: Development — creating guidelines and provisions for implementation


Branding is a progressive exercise, so most clients hire us for brand campaign and strategy work after phase 3.

What’s your business about? What does your brand stand for— how different is this from what exists? How’s your timeline like? How’s your budget like?


Once you have these, the best way is to reach us out through our contact form.

Timeline & Scope

Depends on how much you trust us!


Most clients who hire us (because they trust our expertise) get the job done faster in around 8 weeks. The length of each project is dependent on several factors, such as project scope and the speed of client feedback.


External factors may affect your timeline, for example: late client feedback, or an overly politicized board of directors 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Yes, we count days based on working days. For example, if a deadline was meant to be on a holiday, this will be pushed back to the next working day.


Aside from holidays, we also take breaks in December for our annual company planning and recreation sessions. We make sure to finish all work before then. This is our Santa clause.

We typically allot around 5 working days for clients to get back to us with feedback. The initial timeline we send to a client reflects this time frame. Anything longer than that could delay a project. If feedback is late, timelines get pushed back. We don’t move unless we get feedback from a client.

That sucks 🙂

Typically, we like to work with clients who book us in advance and give us ample time to complete a project.

We believe that quality work takes a sufficient amount of time. However, we do understand unforeseeable circumstances and can offer a rush fee depending on the availability of our team.


We love it when clients are involved and engaged. We believe that collaboration is key to a good branding project.


We don’t necessarily do weekly check-ups or anything of the sort in the interest of time, but every project has an online messaging group for easy communication if you feel the need to get in touch with us.


Should you need anything from us (or vice versa), we can communicate via our project group. Please feel free to send anything through that channel, such as questions, comments, feedback, and references.

Upon signing on, you are assigned a dedicated project team (a mix of strategists, designers, and creative directors) that will handle the project from end to end. 


Please do note that while we will do our best in replying to your concerns, we cannot guarantee immediate replies after office hours or on weekends.

The pandemic has accelerated our state of work, in the sense that meetings can now be done online (or even be just an email— amazing!). In our 2 years of working fully remote, our client-agency communications and output have been quite efficient. Our clients appreciate the speed this setup has provided for their respective branding projects.


While there is an ongoing health crisis, Serious Studio remains 100% remote to protect our employees and their families who may be at risk. While we are all fully vaccinated, we are doing our best to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by working within our private spaces.

Everything Else

We have offices in sunny Manila, Philippines, and Toronto, Canada and have worked with clients all around the world. Our cascading timezones in Toronto and Manila allow us to service clients from all over the world, hassle-free.

We are a small, but lean team consisting of strategists, researchers, consultants, and designers who work closely together through a collaborative process.

Nope. Pitches are for baseball.


Serious answer: Unfortunately, we do not offer pitches. Our process is highly collaborative and we work closely with our clients to create output that both parties are happy with. Branding is not something you can solve in a day as it is a progressive exercise on learning and being connected with your audience.


We can, however, set-up an introductory and collaborative call to learn more about your brand’s needs and how the Serious Studio team can help bring your brand to life!

In our experience working with clients over the past 10 years, we find that clients that have clear objectives, trust our creative decisions, and know what they like are the best ones.


Like any healthy relationship, successful business-client relationships are those that bring out the best in both parties. Overall, we enjoy working with forward-thinking clients who strive to make an impact in their respective industries, communities, and our environment.

Client’s who don’t listen to us, or anyone for that matter. 💔

People deserve nice things! Your audience is also smart enough to understand things, so give them credit. They’ll appreciate it and love your brand for not being as condescending as the others!

At Serious Studio, our secret sauce is our people. We believe that our team is the perfect mix of passion, creativity, and hard work. We work closely together to bounce ideas off of each other and ensure that we help brands not only Make Sense & Look Good, but also Do Good.

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