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Please note that this program does not provide financial or operational assistance.

For SME Founders and Leaders

“How do I move on from this? How do I leverage digital means at this time for my business? How will I communicate with my customers now?”

Brand Aid is a guided mentorship program that aims to uncover core issues, figure out a feasible plan forward, and DESIGN A BETTER FUTURE TOGETHER. We are looking for businesses who are:

❒  Looking to adapt and reimagine their business to address the needs of a post-COVID world, be it in a digital or physical post-lockdown space

❒  In need of a brand identity refresh and/or a digital marketing blueprint

❒  Unsure of how to reframe or pivot messaging, products, and services in a sensitive yet on-brand way 

Chosen SMEs will receive:

You will receive free brand strategy, design, and business advice from our very own experienced strategists, creatives, and business consultants.

Our discussions will cover the general positioning of your brand and major experience touchpoints (website, social media, space).

You will be given documentation of our important discussion points and potential solutions from our Serious branding team. 

We believe in the power and influence of the honest business, regardless of how small (or medium) an enterprise is.

Why we’re doing it

SMEs are the lifeblood of our economy, making up literally almost 100% (ok, 99.52%) of all Filipino businesses.

Without SMEs, 63% of Filipinos would lose their jobs. Aside from that, they are also what makes culture feel like it’s close to home — from your neighborhood convenience store, to your go-to cafe, to even your regular beauty retreat. SMEs keep life going in more ways than one.

At the same time, SMEs are also the underrated drivers of the future. As an SME working with other SMEs, we’ve realized that the best ones are those who are able to move forward and adapt to change, espeically in these strange times we are living in.

Why Serious Studio can help

We continuously observe market landscapes, shifts, and patterns in order to advise clients on how to build their brands for where the world is headed. We would like to offer our specialized skill sets to affected businesses at this time.

Our philosophy, Make Sense and Look Good®, simply means that the best things are created when form and function go hand in hand. With this approach in mind, our branding and business strategy consultations will always provide you insights that are holistic, relevant, and tailor-fit for your business.

Know more about us here.

Brand Aid Batch 1

❒  You are a founder/partner of said business.
❒  Your business is affected by COVID-19
❒  Your business is located in the Philippines.
❒  You have a basic understanding of how branding can add value to your business.

❒  Is your business in the field of helping affected communities and/or marginalized sectors?
❒  Is your business in the field of technology and/or science?
❒  Is your business directly involved in helping with the COVID-19 situation?

If you aren’t eligible, you’re still free to work with us by using our studio’s contact form. Incentives await for SMEs in these unusual times. 

Great things await.


Applications open until May 30, 2020.
Deliberations and interviews from June 1 – 5, 2020.
Announcement of Mentees (on our Instagram) on June 15, 2020.

Brand Aid is a brand building mentorship program that aims to help COVID-19 affected SMEs troubleshoot today, in order to future-proof tomorrow.


Brand Aid is a Serious Initiative by the Serious People of Serious Studio.

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