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Access Travel
Meet the world

Angely Dub started Access Travel as her way of living bold adventure and bringing Filipinos closer to daring destinations. With dozens of places you can choose for your next trip, Access has left its mark on not only the travelers it has serviced throughout the years but also on the Philippine travel industry as a whole. Have you ever heard of a friend going to Iceland prior to 2011? Neither have we.


For a bit of context, think about this: when Access started in 2011, Instagram had just started becoming a thing. And if there’s something our feeds can attest to, it’s how much traveling has changed since then. We went from going to travel agencies and booking complete travel packages to DIY-ing our own trips and even pulling up entire itineraries with one Google search. In a world where people can book whole trips with a few apps and taps, what role can and should Access take on?


Brand Identity
Brand Design
Collateral Design
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Creative Direction: Deane Miguel & Kookie Santos
Lead Strategy: Chantelle Munoz
Lead Design: Ross Du
Design: Karla Espiritu

A flatlay of colorful travel guides for travel brand Access Travel

We started by taking a clear look at the traveler today, where it quickly became clear that they were very different from those that previously took the same roads. Before, people traveled for the destination; today, people travel for the experience. Whereas previous travelers went to travel agencies for the convenience and guidance, today’s travelers need more than that to make a call or visit.


The adventurer of today aims to get to know the places they visit, looking for experiences that are genuine and authentic rather than perfect. It takes special skill to find places and activities that reveal the true essence of a place, but it’s a skill Access has naturally perfected through years of experience. Access told us their story, and we helped them share this story with their audience.


With Access, traveling is more than just seeing the world—it’s about meeting it.

A flatlay of fun and colorful brand collaterals for travel brand Access Travel
A witty red and beige logo designed for travel brand Access Travel

The logo, with its subtle A, forms a compass—a mark of movement, guidance, and possibility. Whenever travelers see this mark, they know that Access is there to help them get to where they want to be.

Fun and colorful sticker designs and an animation of destinations for travel brand Access Travel

We created a brand system that looks refreshing but also feels warm and familiar, something we want Access’ clients to feel as they journey from place to place. We were inspired by classic icons of travel like tickets and stamps, symbols of arrival and transition. We used the imagery of a door throughout the brand’s different collaterals to show the access to different places and worlds the brand is able to offer. The color palette, derived from colors of nature, represents the grounded and adventurous Access traveler.

A black and gold logo and icons designed for travel brand Access Travel

Over the years, Access has expanded to cater to more types of trips. We helped them develop a sub-brand—Access Expedition—for a more specialized service. The logo is an iteration of the Access logo, with mountains in the background to represent the added daringness these adventures entail.

A flatlay of colorful essential collaterals for travel brand Access Travel
A minimal and detailed travel guide designed for travel brand Access Travel

We designed a travel kit to accompany Access travelers on their journey, from the very first step of their adventure to the last. With everything they need to go on a seamless trip, Access travelers can focus on what’s most important—getting to truly know the place they’re in.

An instagrammable coloful booth design for travel brand Access Travel

To help Access get their story across, we helped design one of their most important touchpoints. Their booth are designed to easily guide travelers in choosing their next adventure.

A fun and colorful totebag and tshirt design for travel brand Access Travel

“It was such a pleasure working with Serious Studio. They were able to achieve my goals for the brand, not just for how it looks now but also for what the brand stands for in the long term. I can’t wait to have what they made accompany us on our adventures, and I’m looking forward to doing more projects together.”

– ANGELY DUB, Founder of Access Travel

A flatlay of branded postcards for travel brand Access Travel

Today, Access continues to bring Filipinos all around the world while also adding new places to their impressive list of destinations. Their goal is to eventually set foot in all 7 continents, and they’re well on their way to do so.

A flag design for travel brand Access Travel