Branding for Filipino real estate company Alveo, an AyalaLand Company
Innovating the way you live

Alveo Land is one of the leading real estate developers in the Philippines. It reimagines the standards of modern living, inspired by the community within it. Every Alveo Land development is thoughtfully designed to allow you to live, work, and play like never before. Alveo is designed for tomorrow, for you to live and work well today.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

Corporate company profile slides and pages for real estate brand Alveo a development by Ayala Land



The real estate market is dynamic due to ever-changing consumer needs. Today’s consumers have become more sophisticated, with their preferences in terms of property rooted in their lifestyles. Moreover, product offerings have become homogenous and everyone in the industry seems to say the same thing. Innovation, however, is at the core of Alveo Land’s value proposition and happens to be its key differentiator. Over the years the brand has matured and the market’s understanding of innovation is ever-changing, which led us to creatively highlight this key point in the company profile, while retaining the integrity of the Alveo brand.


With these things in mind, we had two main objectives in developing the presentation deck:

  1. Redesign it in a way that can properly communicate the company’s brand values.
  2. Reflect Alveo Land’s commitment to innovation through its visual language.


We crafted our brand strategy through a very consumer-centric approach. This meant studying the market to understand its needs. What happened to be Alveo Land’s unique selling proposition became our source of inspiration: innovation. However, with this came another hurdle. While Alveo Land has been referencing the value of innovation, it was never properly communicated or defined.


“What did innovation mean to Alveo Land?” This was a question we had to answer. In the most practical sense, innovation is often viewed as the application of better solutions that meet existing market needs. It’s about turning an idea into a solution that adds value from a customer’s perspective. In the context of the real estate industry, the idea of innovation is tied in with one’s way of life. The thought behind that was suitable, because Alveo Land did exactly that—reimagine a new and better way for you to live.

Blue white and gold geometric patterns for real estate brand Alveo a development by Ayala Land

We then proposed the idea of “living life in a new light,” linked to how innovation is often viewed as something new and transformative, or something made better. Just like the nature of a prism, wherein light enters and is transformed into a spectrum of colors—a new light. This phenomenon is a reflection of the nature of innovation: taking an idea and reimagining it, and turning it into something more valuable, which is truly Alveo at its core.

Blue white and gold geometric patterns for real estate brand Alveo a development by Ayala Land

Our visual interpretation of the concept was manifested in assets and patterns derived from sleek lines forming dynamic shapes and silhouettes. The lines connote a continuous flowing movement, visually reminiscent of the brand’s promise of innovation.

Logo, color palette, typesetting, and brand guidelines for real estate brand Alveo a development by Ayala Land
Corporate icon set for real estate brand Alveo a development by Ayala Land

These assets went hand in hand with a brand system that was clean and crisp, which included new typefaces that reflected the brand’s discerning taste, and supplementary colors to pair well with Alveo Land’s signature blue. Overall, we managed to give the brand an updated look while paying ode to its distinctive identity.