A minimal line art logo design of a Palawan hornbill designed for El Nido B&B brand Casa Kalaw
Casa Kalaw
Worry-free comfort in El Nido
One of the newly developed bed and breakfasts in the Ayala Group’s eco-master-planned Lio Estate, Casa Kalaw in El Nido focuses on a hospitality experience dedicated to providing worry-free comfort and delight for the everyday Filipino family and their relatives who have returned home. Uniquely Filipino with a modern touch, Casa Kalaw bridges together the new and the familiar, bringing excitement and ease to guests of all ages.


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The Philippines for such an amazing island.

Hotel exterior and pool of El Nido B&B brand Casa Kalaw

Just as a family is not made up of only the people who live in the same house—after all, most Filipinos have relatives who work or reside abroad—home is not just defined by a permanent address but by the warm and familiar feeling a place possesses. Casa Kalaw seeks to be one such place—a place that welcomes home Filipinos who have been away for too long, a haven that embodies the essence of the Filipino family.

Hotel collaterals made of kraft paper with detailed illustrations designed for El Nido B&B brand Casa Kalaw

For this project, we took inspiration from the locality the brand was located in. The logo, a Palawan hornbill, is an animal you will find nowhere else in the world.


The icon’s fluid and organic strokes emphasize the resort’s promise of ease, warmth, and familiarity while the typeface, a bold serif font, highlights the brand’s roots in familial ties and tradition.

Animated illustrations of the Palawan hornbill and flora and fauna for El Nido B&B brand Casa Kalaw
Detailed flora and fauna illustrations and postcard designs of El Nido B&B brand Casa Kalaw
Hotel room sign and environment and wayfinding design of El Nido B&B brand Casa Kalaw

Adding to this are illustrations and patterns we created from scratch based on flora and fauna endemic to Palawan, an undertaking that was closely guarded by Ayala’s team of scientists.


Lovingly hand-painted illustrations of botanical elements and wildlife present in the El Nido community will be featured exclusively in digital promotional material and collaterals, while digitized versions of the El Nido naturalist illustrations will be used in the brand’s printed applications and collaterals with an option for a more economical use of ink in line with the Lio Estate’s focus on sustainability.


Paying homage to those who live in the area, we used sprinklings of Cuyunon (the dialect used in El Nido) in numerous collaterals, making sure to provide English translations for tourists from all corners of the globe.

Hotel exterior and wooden signage design of El Nido B&B brand Casa Kalaw

To further emulate the feeling of a Filipino home, Casa Kalaw also provides spaces where families can eat, play, and live in the comfort of each other’s company with amenities designed for Filipino-sized get-togethers. This sense of home is also established with the use of a warm and familiar tone when talking and with Casa Kalaw’s choice of natural and familiar materials and textures.


Casa Kalaw is designed to be a place of warmth and togetherness. It is where we can feel, once again, that family is the root in which we are all grounded.

Hotel exterior and pool of El Nido B&B brand Casa Kalaw

Casa Kalaw was the first to launch of the 3 B&Bs and has since garnered good ratings on travel sites such as TripAdvisor and Booking.com. Staying true to its essence of a Filipino home, it constantly receives good reviews commending its unmatchable hospitality.

Hotel exterior and pool of El Nido B&B brand Casa Kalaw