Serious Christmas 2019
Serious greetings

As a Filipino design studio, we spent a lot of time this year pondering Philippine design. We found our answer in our language. Our name. Pilipino.


Pilipino, reveals two concepts as beautiful independently as they are as a whole. Pili and Pino: “Chosen” and “Fine.” To us, Filipino design is rooted in acknowledging the richness of our culture, through the creation and celebration of things that are beautifully Filipino. And this is what we want to share this holiday season.


Creative Direction
Packaging Design
Santa's Little Helpering



Creative Direction: Deane Miguel
Project Leads: Karina Abola & Chantelle Munoz
Lead Design: Lazir Caluya
Design: Ross Du
Photography: Paolo Geronimo
Styling: Lazir Caluya 



Our fellow local brands who truly embody Pili and Pino — Got HeartWildflourRisa ChocolatesHalohaloCebu BestTake RootEDSA BDG.

The design of our gift box took inspiration from the imagery of the bahay na bato, intricately made using gold foil stamping to highlight the elegance of something truly Filipino.

This gift is a curation of some of our favorite local brands, whose products are not only exquisite but exquisitely Filipino. In line with the motif of our gift box, we thoughtfully designed custom packaging for each and every product, with their own local and Serious flair.

Wildflour, a well-loved homegrown bakery, crafted this seriously sweet treat to enjoy by the spoonful. This Cereal Polvoron is a deconstructed take on the classic Filipino treat. The design features a specially designed parol, a play on the trademark Serious eye with a subtle surreal charm that’s consistent throughout the gift.

This Pastillas de Pili bar by Risa Chocolates, a local bean-to-bar chocolate company that aims to uplift the local cacao industry, was an ode to the pili nut—an ingredient native to and well-loved by the Philippines. The design further explores the bahay na bato motif with capiz windows peering out into a cacao plant

The honey was harvested by the Mangyans of Maguindanao. Thanks to the Got Heart Foundation, proceeds from this product are being invested back into the community. As decadent as the honey is the elegantly illustrated bee, designed with luxurious art deco details down to the paper texture and printing treatment.

Take Root, a junk-free snack brand that works with family-run farms, brings you a crunchy twist on a traditional Filipino favorite with its Champorado Granola. The design features the Filipino Christmas arched window, decorated with the Serious eye parol.

A classic inherited recipe of the dried mango is refreshed by Cebu Best by dipping it in the perfect dark chocolate to complement it. Inspired by Cebu, the design takes subtle cues from religious imagery with comfort and sweetness, represented by mangoes, at its heart.

A custom holiday coffee blend that is proudly Filipino is crafted by EDSA BDG, and is highlighted with a coffee cherry parol. EDSA travelled to the Cordilleras to bring you a comforting cup of coffee with brown sugar, chocolate, and caramel notes in a blend of 70% Benguet Washed Arabica and 30% Ifugao Natural Robusta.

Halohalo, a Filipino lifestyle brand whose signature style incorporates weaves made from recycled plastic, collaborated with us to fashion this multipurpose pouch. This half-moon piece was designed perfectly to fit a fun mix of whatever you fancy. Each gift comes with a card that introduces the vision we hope to share on being proudly Pili and Pino.

This gift, carefully chosen and lovingly crafted, gives a true sense of Pili and Pino for the season and for the years to come. Maligayang Pasko.


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