Fashion photography for sustainable retail brand Sunki
Dressed For Impact

Sunki is a serious sustainable fashion brand for the modern woman out to change the world. It highlights the idea of dressing with impact, and pushes itself to be in line with choosing sustainable and ethical processes as well as inviting everyone—in all shapes and sizes, color and character—be part of the movement.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Website Design and UX


Creative Direction: Deane Miguel
Lead Strategy: Chantelle Munoz
Lead Design: Ross Du

Fun custom logo type design  for sustainable retail brand Sunki


We’ve witnessed a big change in fashion in recent years, and this shift was brought about by the change in the market. It’s a market that not only thinks about accessibility and self-expression but also the community and social awareness. Especially in fashion, we are due for a brand that could work harder in its mission to shift the conversation to one that’s more proactive in what they say they stand for. Sunki, a group of empowered femmes, was on the cusp of bringing an important message to this market, so they’ve approached us to help them pursue it through strategic design.


We helped the brand express its distinctive approach by defining its proposition, name, identity under 3 brand pillars:


  • Empowerment: A new kind of power-dressing that empowers us to do greater things and achieve greater heights.
  • Sustainability: With that power comes great responsibility in choosing fashion that our future selves will thank us for.
  • Inclusivity: The idea that we’re all out to do something great and we’re all in this together.
Fashion photography for sustainable retail brand Sunki


Developed in collaboration with the client, we crafted a narrative out of the name Sunki (pronounced as soong-key), derived from the Filipino word “Sungki,” meaning crooked.

Sunki is an extraordinary perspective and representation of the woman that we cater to and aim to be: a woman with bite, who is bold in her pursuits especially when it’s for a good cause. She owns something that makes her unique, like a bite that’s crooked. And despite so, she still smiles the biggest and embraces everything that makes her different—including how she dresses.

An animated custom logo for sustainable retail brand Sunki

The logo uses a strong serif type to represent a strong call to action, and laid out in a slightly crooked manner to signify where the name came from: uneven teeth. To add a dynamic and feminine spin, the dot of the “i” is an eight-pointed star.

Bold and colorful business card design for sustainable retail brand Sunki

The main color is a bright chartreuse to signify the company’s unique approach to sustainability. To balance it with a fun and quirky feel, it’s paired with other bright, unique colors. These colors challenge the sustainable industry conventions of a more natural and organic palette, fitting to how Sunki wants to break the mold and encourages every woman to do so as well.

Bold and cool branding and typography for sustainable retail brand Sunki

Even down to the fonts, we wanted to reflect the idea of a strong call to action balanced with a feminine flair by combining a bold and reassuring sans serif that complements well with a conversational and introspective serif font.

Cool and edgy typography poster designs for sustainable retail brand Sunki
Fun type and patterns over fashion photography for sustainable retail brand Sunki
At the heart of the visual is a spunk highly inspired by early suffragettes and propaganda movements. It consists of bold and edgy text with jagged lines for a subtle recall to the brand name.
Sustainable packaging and product tags designed for sustainable retail brand Sunki

Designing the packaging was a pure collaborative effort between the client and ourselves. Using cassava bags and seed paper for their tags, it’s definitely one that stands out from other packaging in its category especially when employed with the brand’s visual language.

Witty clothes label and tote bag design for sustainable retail brand Sunki
Bold and edgy pattern and packaging wrapper design for sustainable retail brand Sunki
This design system was created to put an emphasis on the rest of the equally important elements like the photos, that will depict the stories that the brand wants to share. Photos are comprised of diverse-looking models to emphasize inclusivity.
As Sunki joins the new wave of brands that set new standards, we made sure that the vibrant and sustainable culture and message are also spread out in its website. It was designed to illuminate the brand’s desire to be inclusive while still capturing its energetic spirit. These come alive even in the tiniest ways—from the ease of the UX and the balance of visuals and copy, down to the language used (You won’t see any greenwashing and fancy buzzwords)!
Fashion photography for sustainable retail brand Sunki