Work with smart 100% organic, gluten-free
Serious human beings.


Eight years ago, we started out as a small team looking to build the perfect creative environment — where strategy sharpens creativity, and vice versa. Like the universe, Serious is continuously expanding. 

To be blunt: this job isn't for everyone. We are looking for people who live and breathe design and take it on as part of their everyday lives. We pride ourselves in nurturing a robust and dynamic creative environment, with plenty of opportunities to learn, grow, and excel.



Serious Studio is a branding agency for visionaries. We create purposeful brands that move businesses, people and culture forward.


  • Money
  • Serious Work is 100% Remote Work
    • Our office is the internet
    • We thrive on results and outcomes
    • We still believe that human warmth is essential, so we aim to have post-pandemic meetups once in a while, by 2049
  • Creative
    • Great client projects
    • Great studio-led projects
    • Great teammates
  • Health & Wellbeing
    • Fun fund, for team activities
    • Health insurance (After year 1)
  • Extra Leaves (Outside the usual VL/SL)
    • Mental health leaves
    • Birthday leave
    • Different kinds of leaves from some plantst
  • Professional development opportunities
    • Internal training program
    • Mentorship program
  • Bonuses 
    • In an abundance of profits, we allocate bonuses to our best performing team members
  • Community
    • We allocate studio time for social impact and culture building initiatives
    • As brand consultants, we are in the business of advising clients to create better, ethical, sustainable, and responsible businesses

Management Assistant

(New!) Open / 1 full-time slot / Remote (for the time being)

Designer (Senior/Junior)

Open / 1 full-time slot / Remote (for the time being)

Brand Strategist

Open / 1 full-time slot / Remote (for the time being)

Nice things you should know

Before you write on the form below

1. We're only currently accepting applicants who are located in the Philippines.
 Sorry, Antarctica.

2. We’re always on the lookout for great people. If you don’t see a close match in our openings, you're still free to apply below.

3. We are looking for people who are in the constant pursuit of highly creative things. We like people who know the value of branding and design.

4. We have an interdisciplinary approach to creativity. Our company mantra is “Make sense and look good”. We like people who resonate with this state of mind.

5. We are looking for people with initiative and skill. Emphasis on initative. We like people who can think on their feet.

6. In case you were wondering, our hiring process is a 4-phase process: Assessment -> Interview -> Test -> Deliberations (Pass/fail based on set criteria).

7. We will always prefer working with a humble person who is willing to learn more than a highly-skilled a$shole. 

8. We try our best to do so, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to reply to each internship/job application individually. We hope you understand.


Let's work on something.
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We build brands that Make Sense & Look Good™.