Healthcare For All

Healthway is the integrated clinic arm of AC Health, a subsidiary of Ayala Corporation that aims to improve healthcare for all. They came to us when they were about to expand to over 100 clinics, to make quality healthcare more affordable and accessible. Our task was to challenge what health could look like to Filipinos and to design an identity that spoke with both care and credibility, across Family, Corporate and Multi-Specialty Clinics.

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From the get go, AC Health made their vision very clear: affordable and accessible quality healthcare for as many people as possible. With basic healthcare needs remaining unmet for many Filipinos, the clinics would form an important part of this vision reaching where people already were, in communities, at malls and at work. Our design then had to be inclusive and understanding of a wide range of attitudes towards health, to ensure that we do right by them while also differentiating from other healthcare institutions.


The project also came when AC Health decided to rebrand the clinics of Healthway and FamilyDOC to make the single largest network in the country, covering community and family clinics, mall clinics and corporate clinics. The rebrand then also had to get a deep understanding of the founding values of all three organizations, to be able to unify what they stand for into a single identity that truthfully represented what they all believe.


The result was a distillation of what the three organizations have done from the very beginning. Encapsulating healthcare that was close to people and what they experience everyday, we came up with the three pillars of health in real life (Easy and Accessible), for real life (Patient- and People-Centric), and throughout real life (Continuous & Holistic). This all culminated in a new tagline that put together inspirations from both Healthway and FamilyDOC — The Full Circle of Care, closer to you.


Following this vision, we designed the identity to make an approachable yet credible image of health for all. We took into consideration traditional cues of health and trust, while also exuding warmth and inclusivity for the many Filipinos who need healthcare services.

The logo icon is made up of the following components:


1. Linking Networks: Healthway and FamilyDOC, both already strong and reliable destinations for healthcare, are represented by arrows in the two companies’ respective brand colors.
2. The Marker of Health: The two arrows interlock into the universal marker of health: a cross. This also represents their coming together to a stronger healthcare network when united as one.
3. The Full Circle of Care: At the central point of convergence is a vibrant orange circle which represents complete and holistic healthcare. This also sets it apart from a largely blue and green health landscape.
4. People as Foundation: The logo is completed by the coming together of different kinds of people with different healthcare needs. This communicates how Healthway brings health closer to you.
5. Convergence to Better Health: With the logo’s overall look, pathways are formed from different directions. This represents health in all ways, all pointing towards the Full Circle of Care.


The word mark is a customized font that gives a more unique and ownable look to its letterforms. The clean, simple and spacious word mark is a balance between sleek and rounded edges that gives it a feeling of professional approachability.


The logotype is completed with an orange underline, representing how Healthway is able to close the loop of health by connecting networks of care. Both logo icon and logotype were also designed to accommodate the three formats of the clinics.

The color palette was also designed with the brand’s values in mind. The primary brand color is a vibrant blue that serves as anchor and foundation. It is then accented with the Ayala orange, a warm and active pop of life, unique in the healthcare space. This orange, supplemented by a clean white, also differentiates the Healthway mother brand from its teal network of clinics. Finally, the palette was designed to be an expandable color system to communicate the full spectrum of care.


Pops of blue, teal, and orange appear throughout the brand through paths and arrows. Derived from the logo, the rounded lines provide the flexibility and freedom to create connections and various imagery that can interact with different elements of the brand. The connections and network of lines represent the pathways of Healthway’s envisioned ecosystem of health. The rounded and thick line art icons were also created in the same spirit.

Friendly and professional branding applied on posters for health clinic Healthway
All the key visual elements then came together on posters, animations and environment to communicate their compelling vision of healthcare for all. We were also engaged in a post-project creative consultancy to help guide the execution of the brand by Healthway’s in-house team.

Healthway unveiled the rebrand last September 2020 at the Healthway Multi-Specialty Center in Market! Market! The brand guide was also used to design their new website. Today, Healthway continues in its mission to bring healthcare for all through its COVID-19 response and making RT-PCR testing available, among other services.

Mocked-up poster advertisement for health clinic Healthway